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A bit about me and beans...

A bit about me and beans... I first started picking up Hamburger Beans on the beach at a young age. We called them "hot rocks". Rubbing them on playground asphalt turned them into weapons that, when applied to the back of your classmate's neck, could get you sent home from school. It wasn't until years later that I learned they were from a plant that grew in far-away lands.

Once bit by the sea-bean bug, shells, sea glass and other beach debris lost its appeal. I was fortunate to be living in South Florida to feed my addiction. Sea-beans were not a popular item to be beachcombing in the 1980-90's, so my forays resulted in bucket loads.

After a few years, searching in my own neighborhood was no longer enough. I had to go further. The Bahamas was close so I took work on private yachts to anywhere with a beach. It was a deckhand job through the Panama Canal that made me realize that the good stuff was growing there!

A trip to Australia during the height of my bean hunting insanity, was the pinacle of my collecting career. They were all different - growing right above my head - and so many! Australia took my breath away in the sea-bean department.

I had heard about a Sea-Bean Symposium in Cocoa Beach and decided to make the effort to attend in 2004. I took my finds from Australia and some of the bean and seed jewelry I was selling at craft shows in South Florida. I learned a better way to polish my treasures while there and launched www.beachbeans.com. By mid-2005 I moved to the beaches of Central Florida.

Almost all the beans I sell on this website were personally picked up by me - or were gifted by fellow enthusiasts. I thank everyone who has contributed their finds and their hospitality over the years. Couldn't have done it without all of you - especially those who have graciously transported me to some of the most remote sea-bean hunting grounds in Texas, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Australia, the Bahamas and the entire Caribbean chain of islands!

N. Rhodes

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