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Sea Purses

Coveted by collectors, Sea Purses and Saddle Beans (Dioclea sp.) are one of the rarest and most colorful of all sea beans found on any beach. Distinct color variations range from butterscotch to solid black.

It was originally grown in Asia, but has drifted to islands in the Caribbean and Central and South America, reproducing there. They are found growing on the Hawaiian Islands where they may have also drifted or, like so many other species, introduced by people.

All specifications are written Width x Height x Thickness / Quantity polished purchases will be matched for size and color when possible.

Sea Purses (Dioclea sp)

Origin: Atlantic Drift

Specifications: 30mm x 25mm x 18mm (± 2mm)

Price: Polished starting at $9.95 or unpolished $1.95 each

The circular hilum along the edge of these resembles a zipper, giving it the name Sea Purse. They have thick, protective shells which are impervious to salt water, enabling them to survive for years at sea.


Saddle Beans (Dioclea hexandra)

Origin: Australia

Specifications: 26mm x 25mm x 10mm (± 2mm)

Price: Polished starting at $9.95 each / Limited quantities

If this seed is held with the hilum pointed downward the bean looks like an English riding saddle, hence the name, Saddle Bean. These are flatter and more wrinkled than the Sea Purses found in Florida.


A Dioclea without a Name

Origin: Costa Rica

Specifications: 38mm x 32mm x 13mm (± 1mm)

Price: Polished $44.95 each / Limited quantities

So far known as the "giant Dioclea" these big boys have yet to be given a scientific name. They are extremely rare to find on Atlantic beaches, but a few have been found proving them to have some floatation skills.


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