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What are Sea-Beans?

Exotic to the eye, drift seeds, or “sea–beans” are actually seeds from common trees and vines that grow in the tropics. The beans fall from the parent plant, into streams and rivers, to drift with the ocean's currents until being washed onto a shore thousands of miles from where they once grew. Floating in the sea by the thousands, only the hardiest endure long voyages on ocean currents which may finally bring them to rest on foreign shores. Sea–beans are known as symbols of good luck and longevity.

We provide polished (and occassionally unpolished) sea–beans to jewelry designers, collectors and beach-enthusiasts around the world. They are undrilled and not sold for growing purposes.

NOTE: Numbers in parens indicate how many different species in stock.

Sea Hearts (3)

Entada gigas found on northern Atlantic shores. Entada phaseoloides and rheedii from the southern Pacific.

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Hamburgers (6)

Mucuna sloaneii, urens, and elliptica along with a few south Pacific natives, Mucuna gigantea and membranacea.

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Sea Purses (3)

Dioclea sp. found on Atlantic beaches, the elusive Australian Dioclea hexandra and the Mystery with no name.

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vine seeds (3)

Every collector's favorite, the Mary's Bean, along with some Caribbean Little Marbles and Florida native Bay Beans.

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shrub seeds (3)

Coral Beans and Grey Nickars collected from their flesh slicing parents alongside the less aggressive Brown Nickar.

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Tree Seeds (4)

Guanacaste, Royal Poinciana and Laurel Wood found around the world along with the rare Makka Mong from Thailand.

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