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Hamburger Beans

Seeds from the Mucuna vine are called Hamburger Beans or True Sea-Beans in the United States. In Mexico, they are known as Ojo de Venado or Deer’s Eye. There are hundreds of varieties growing in tropical regions around the globe.They can be brown, red or brindle shades of red and brown. These beans are members of the pea and bean family that contain toxic, hallucinogenic or medicinal alkaloids and therefore figure in good luck charms. In the case of the Mucuna bean, the mature beans are considered both aphrodisiac and very protective in Mexico and Central America against the evil eye. Nowadays they are carried for good luck.

All specifications are written Width x Height x Thickness / Quantity polished purchases will be matched for size and color when possible.

Brown Hamburgers (Mucuna sloanei)

Origin: Atlantic Drift

Specifications: 25mm x 26mm x 18mm (± 1mm)

Price: Polished starting at $6.95 or unpolished $0.95 each

Brown Hamburgers are the most common of all beach-found sea-beans. They are more ball-shaped than other Mucuna species which are flat in comparison.


Red Hamburgers (Mucuna urens)

Origin: Atlantic Drift

Specifications: 28mm x 27mm x 15mm (± 1mm)

Price: Polished starting at $9.95 or unpolished $1.95 each

Red Hamburgers are found less often than Brown Hamburgers. They are flatter and have more color variations from light beige to deep red. Light colored and speckled versions are coveted by collectors. Polishing brings out the specks hidden beneath their rough surface.


Thick-Banded Mucuna (Mucuna elliptica)

Origin: Ecuador

Specifications: 35mm x 34mm x 20mm (± 2mm)

Price: Polished $19.95 each / Limited quantities

Larger around and thicker than Brown or Red Hamburgers, this bean is also known as the "Big Mac" of burger-beans.


Burny Beans (Mucuna gigantea)

Origin: Australia

Specifications: 23mm x 22mm x 12mm (± 1mm)

Price: Polished starting at $6.95 each

This version of Mucuna is solid black and no two look alike. They are called Burny Beans because if rubbed furiously on a concrete surface they heat up and will burn your fingers.


Bocacaui (Mucuna membranacea)

Origin: Phillipines

Specifications: 23mm x 19mm x 11mm (± 1mm)

Price: Polished starting at $6.95 each

With speckled surfaces these burgers appear to have sesame seeds on top. They are smaller than Atlantic drift cousins.


Burnt Burgers (Mucuna holtonii)

Origin: Atlantic Drift

Specifications: 26mm x 24mm x 10mm (± 2mm)

Price: Unpolished starting at $3.95 each

They haven't really been in a fire - they just look a bit like they might have been. These rough-surfaced burgers do not lend themself to the polishing process. They're perfect for native-styled jewelry using natural elements, like twigs and natural stone.


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