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Beans from Shrubs

Shrubs that produce these beans are some of the most resilliant plants found. All of our varieties came from parents growing in unhospitable conditions such as drainage ditches, along barbed-wire fencing and embedded in hard-pack soil with drainage that would kill anything else. Recurved spines growing on their branches protect the precious seeds from animals that probably shouldn't be eating them.

All specifications are written Width x Height x Thickness / Quantity polished purchases will be matched for size and color when possible.

Coral Beans (Erythrina sp)

Origin: Texas / Florida

Specifications: 6mm x 10mm (± .5mm)

Price: Polished starting at $9.95 for 10 grams (± 34 beans)

Coral beans come in many varieties of reds, oranges and browns with an almost purple tint. These were collected from wild plants as beach-found Coral Beans are few and far between.


Grey Nickarbeans (Caesalpinia bonduc)

Origin: Florida

Specifications: 18mm x 18mm (± 1mm)

Price: Polished starting at $4.95 for five

Grey nickars (aka Sea Pearls) found on east coast beaches of Florida may have washed in from the Gulf Stream or are from plants growing locally. The name nicker comes from an old English word meaning marble. Nickernuts are used for playing pieces in board games the world over.


Brown Nickarbeans (Caesalpinia major)

Origin: Atlantic Drift

Specifications: 23mm x 25mm (± .1mm)

Price: Polished $19.95 each

Far less common than Grey Nickarbeans, and a bit larger, these come from similar plants, but have the color of light milk chocolate.


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